Promising Small Capital Profit Business Ideas

8 Promising Small Capital Profit Business Ideas

Who says a small capital business cannot bring big profits? Not a few people cancel the intention to open a business because they claim to have no funds, whereas capital money is not the only factor in the success of a business that is undertaken.

Who doesn’t know Bob Sadino? As a former construction worker, this successful businessman started his business from scratch with minimal capital.

For those of you who want to start a business or start a side business, no need to be discouraged if you have limited capital. With the right strategy, there are dozens of business opportunities that could be the door to new income.

Even a business with a capital of $100 can generate multiplied profits. Don’t have a business idea you want to go through? No need to be confused anymore, here are eight recommendations for a small capital business idea that you can try.

8 Promising Small Capital Profit Business Ideas You Must Follow

Sell breakfast menus at home

Not a few people who have a pretty solid morning routine. Many also have to go to the office a few hours before the hour of entry in order not to arrive late. As a result, there is no more time to prepare a decent breakfast, both for you and your family.

This can be a potential business opportunity. You can offer breakfast menus, such as chicken porridge, vegetable rice cake, or yellow rice. The materials needed are quite affordable. No need to rent a tavern or restaurant. You can sell in front of the house, with only one table and chairs.

Snack business

The snack business is not only attractive to children but also adults. From students to workers, many enjoy eating snacks while doing their activities. No need to stick to the types of snacks that use expensive ingredients. For example, you can try selling cassava chips.

In addition to the affordable materials, the making is fairly simple. For example, to make 200 packs of chips, you need 10 kg of cassava. Plus other ingredients, like salt, garlic, and oil, the capital you need isn’t even.

If you are an employee, you can peddle this snack to office colleagues. As long as you can guarantee the taste and quality, your snack business has the potential to bring huge profits.

Dropship business

Dropship business is no longer a small capital business, but a business without capital, because, anyone can go through this, even without a penny. In addition, you also do not have to bother working on the process of providing and shipping products.

Quite simply, you only need to market the product from the seller and forward the order and payment from the buyer to the seller. However, even though it looks easy, this effort cannot be underestimated.

As a dropshipper you have to understand the specifications of the goods sold and choose a reliable supplier. Because product quality and service suppliers have an impact on your reputation as well.

Women’s accessory business

Women’s accessory business can be a very promising business. This is what the accessory business owner, with an initial capital of $100; his business now generates a turnover of up to $1000 per month.

Of course, this success can be obtained after years of maintaining quality and continuing to innovate to attract customers. Emulate his success by creating uniqueness in the product, so that your brand is easy to remember.

In addition to utilizing social media, do not hesitate to wear your own products as a way of marketing.

Business pre-order shirts

The fashion industry really never dies. However, opening a distribution business requires no small amount of capital. But, who says you can’t open a minimal capital business in this field?

Overcome funding limitations by implementing a pre-order system. With this system, t-shirts or clothing will only be produced after ordering. To cut production costs, you can also limit the minimum number of orders to enter production.

Typing services

If you have a computer or laptop, this one service business can be a fairly profitable cash field. Moreover, if you live around the campus or school, No need to worry about empty orders.

Because many students or students who get paper assignments or reports that need help typing services. You can also add a print or print service. A new printer with pretty good specifications can get you less than $70.

Selling various pastries

Have a hobby of making cookies? Develop your hobby as a source of income. To start this business, you don’t need a big capital. For starters, you can make one or two jars of various pastries to offer to friends, neighbors, or people around you.

The selection of cookies can be adjusted to your taste and ability. Even though the cakes offered are common, but you can create an attractive appearance and variety of flavors that have characteristics that are not less competitive in the market.

Beverage business

In addition to the food business, the beverage business is also interesting to glance at. Through your creative drinks, you can also create new trends instead of just following the trend.

For example, in the midst of contemporary coffee trends, you can market chocolate drinks or even contemporary herbal medicine. This small capital business in the beverage sector was succeeded in doing the Thai tea business.

5 small business capital tips for big profits

One proof of the small capital business can make a big profit. With this capital, he established a fishing business and went directly to the fish auction to sell it to a number of restaurants.

Of course, Susi’s journey is not always smooth. But, thanks to his perseverance, he managed to market his products overseas.

To imitate his success, let’s refer to the following small capital business tips.

Smart at managing money

In business, concerns about money are sometimes experienced, especially in small capital businesses. Therefore, the ability to manage money must be mastered or at least continue to be learned.

Although the business starts small, make sure you still take time to manage and evaluate the cash flow of the business.

It’s best to avoid mixing personal and business money. Also, make sure the strategy chosen doesn’t make the peg bigger than the pole.


Focus is one of the keys to doing business for beginners. According to him, in pursuing the chosen business, we need to devote energy and thought to the business.

For employees, it does not mean you cannot open a business as a side business, As long as they are able to separate office and business matters, and are not halfhearted in doing business, doing business as a part-time job can still be done.

Don’t stop innovating and know trends

To keep abreast of market needs and interests, I advise entrepreneurs not to stop innovating. According to him, it is very important to make product or service updates so that customers do not switch to another.

Therefore, like it or not, as an entrepreneur you must know the trends. Not that it must always be carried by the flow of trends, but to make innovations that are not out of date and according to customer needs.

Be persistent and like what you do

He certainly would not have achieved my success without perseverance. Not once or twice he experienced rejection while undergoing business.

However, that did not make him give up and stop. In my opinion, it can be done because he likes what he does. That way, he can be total and work hard without feeling forced.

For Susi, being an entrepreneur is not just a matter of matter, but also a form of achievement that is worth achieving.

Do not dissolve in failure

In business, it is not only material capital that is needed, but also the mindset and mentality of being an entrepreneur. One of them is not giving up easily and never fails in failure.

I assume, if we are dissolved in failure, our energy will be drained for negative things, making it difficult to get back up. Every big businessman must have gone through various difficulties and chose not to give up.

The cause of small capital business ends out of business

In fact, many entrepreneurs have proven the success of their small capital business that they started from scratch. However, it is undeniable that not a few small capital businesses have ended in bankruptcy.

Indeed, whatever the type of business, the risk of failure must be there. Therefore, even if you do it as a side business, you should not do these four causes of business failure.

There is no mature business plan

Even though the business is small, it is obligatory to have a short-term and long-term goal plan, as well as a strategy that needs to be done. Good planning will make it easier for you to grow your business.

Imagine what you want to achieve for your business in the next few years and prepare the strategy. For example, if you want your business to grow as a franchise business, there’s no harm in making a partnership proposal from now on.

That way, if at any time there are other parties who are interested, you already have a promising design.

Not traveled wholeheartedly

The cause of this one often occurs in small capital businesses. In fact, it’s a pity to spend energy, time, and money if done half-heartedly. Only those who are tough and serious can successfully run and develop their own business.

Lack of promotion

In business, marketing is the main thing. It’s useless to have a good and quality product, but no one knows. Nowadays it’s a shame if you don’t take advantage of the various promotional tools that are available for free, like social media.

As a first step, you can offer low price promos or ask for help from people around you to give testimonials.

Be passive

Entrepreneurs cannot wait for customers to come just like that. To make a successful business, inevitably an entrepreneur must always interact with various parties, ranging from prospective customers, prospective coworkers, to other fellow entrepreneurs.

The ability to build networks is very important for business progress. In addition, by interacting with many people, especially fellow entrepreneurs, the knowledge gained becomes more.

So, are you ready to go about your own business? Who knows, starting from a small capital business, you end up being a big entrepreneur.

If you still lack capital, borrowing funds for business capital is fine. As long as you are looking for a safe and reliable money loan. Good luck!

Author: Amreza Bagas
An Extraordinary businessman who loves to share business experience in some words.