How to Analyze Expedition Business Easily

How to Analyze Expedition Business Easily

In this highly sophisticated era, freight forwarding is widely used by the public, whether it’s urban or rural communities. This is none other than the influence of an increasingly online business.

The large number of people who shop online makes them have to buy goods with the help of expedition services.

Because of the many people who use the services of the expedition, as a business developer, you must know the analysis of the expedition business first.

Who knows, you are also interested in opening this business? If you are interested in opening an expedition service do some preparations correctly.

Some of the steps that must be carried out are by providing capital, place of business, and others. In addition, before opening this expedition service, make sure that you have thought it through carefully.

Well, for those of you who want to know more complete information about how to do a good and right expedition business. Come, see the review below.

Expedition Business Opportunities

Running this business has a huge opportunity, because, competitiveness is still small and not too tight. In addition, the high buying and selling online also makes this expedition service increasingly needed by various groups, Both the lower and upper classes.

Not only that, the company that you build can also develop quickly. For those of you who are curious about these business opportunities. Well, here are some logistics companies that are opening up partnership business opportunities.

  • RPX
  • TIKI
  • Indonesian post
  • Lion Parcel
  • ESL Express
  • REX
  • IDL
  • Ride
  • SAP Express
  • NSS Express

Prospects of Running a Business

The employment prospects in this expedition business can be said to be very profitable, where to do it right will bring various keys to success.

Businesses like this have very good prospects for a long time. The future of your company will also be guaranteed.

Although many people open similar companies, all of these companies must sell well and are never empty of customers.

In fact, in the following years, it has been predicted that this business will continue to grow and have very many branches. So, you who are just starting never give up and do your best.

Starting a Business

Before starting this business you should be able to do a business expedition analysis first. After that, prepare some needs that may be needed. If everything is ready, does a promotion by attaching banners or the like so that everyone can find out what business you run?

Starting this business does not take a lot of capital, so you who have a little capital can easily open a business.

In addition, you also do not need to provide a place that is too large, because, to open this expeditionary service does not require a large room. It’s just that provides enough room for everything.

As for the place of goods, place of administration, and others, besides the place, you also have to provide some tools that are usually needed, For examples, such as scales, printers, PCs, and others.

Business people

This expedition business is usually carried out by all people who have the desire to open a shipping service. Besides being able to get a large profit, opening and running a business is also fairly easy.

Business Raw Materials

Components that support the smooth running of the business are raw materials. Well, some raw materials must be available such as glue solation, plastic packing, boxes, and others.

To get these items, you can buy them at the nearest market, whether it’s supermarkets or traditional markets.

Business Expedition Consumers

According to a person, finding consumers is not difficult. Moreover, this expedition service is also very much needed by many people.

In addition, the high level of online shopping also helps make this expedition service easier to get consumers, so for those of you who have just opened the service, don’t be afraid of not being able to consumers.

Strategic Location in Doing Business

Well, the location used to conduct expedition services should look for a strategic place. If you need to find a location close to the crowd such as on the side of the road, urban areas, close to markets and others, because, this can support the smooth running of the business to be run.

Selling price

Benchmark prices for expedition services you can make models per kg. The price depends on the location to be traveled. If the farther the location traveled, the more expensive the shipping costs and vice versa.

Profits Obtained

The many benefits you can get from this business one of which is with a little capital this business can run. How to get customers is also very easy because the freight service is currently much needed. In addition, the capital used can also be quickly returned.

Expedition Business Analysis

In running the business, you must be willing to make an analysis. Well, for those of you who have not been able to do business expedition analysis? Here is an example of an analysis that you can use as a guide in carrying out it.


  • The usage time of a motorcycle is 5 years
  • When the computer is used for 5 years
  • When using a packing machine, it can be done in 5 years
  • The usage time of a waterproof bag is 5 years
  • When using cleaning tools for 5 years
  • And so forth

Invest in it

  • Rent a shop
  • Room decor
  • Computer
  • Stationary
  • Motorcycle
  • A delivery car
  • Etc.

Fixed costs + variable costs

Profits per month can be calculated by:

Profit = total income – total operating costs

Old Return on Investment

From the above analysis, it can be concluded that the benefits to be gained are enormous. This can be proven from the analysis listed above.

Thus, for those of you who have just entered the world of freight forwarding services, you can be assured of great benefits. The old return on investment from the business is approximately 3 months.

Speaking of business, 3 months is certainly not a long time to get a return on investment, because there are even other types of businesses that even take years.

Well, that’s the way to do along with how to analyze expedition business. All of that has been written in full above. For those of you, who want to start a business, follow the tips and steps that can expedite the business?

Hopefully, this information can facilitate you in conducting this expedition business.

Author: Amreza Bagas
An Extraordinary businessman who loves to share business experience in some words.