Choosing a Restaurant as a Business Opportunity

Choosing a Restaurant as a Business Opportunity

The restaurant business opportunity has never died. If there is a hungry stomach there will certainly be many restaurant outlets ready to be visited from crowded areas to the sparsely populated. This is because eating is one of our daily needs. We also work and try to get food, right?

Reasons for Choosing a Restaurant as a Business Opportunity

Why do we have to open a restaurant business even though there are already many restaurants that have mushroomed all over? Well, let us consider first a few because the restaurant business opportunity is still to be excellent in the culinary field.

Everyone Needs to Eat

Who doesn’t need to eat? Animals also need to eat every day. Even when we do not have time to make lunch, we will definitely buy food at a place to eat, right? Well, therefore opening a restaurant business is still one of the promising businesses.

Apart from being a necessity of life, we also sell food because we want to get money to eat right? Now, instead of eating at other restaurants, we better have our own restaurant with our own monetary benefits.

Restaurant business including long term business

Why including the long term? As mentioned in the first point, everyone needs food. Of the many residents in Indonesia, there are at least a few who want to visit different restaurants every day.

The more crowded a region, certainly the opportunity to open a restaurant business is increasing.

You can see several areas in the south of Jakarta that used to be just housing, now they have become shophouses filled with various types of businesses, one of which is the restaurant business. Well, still need another reason that the restaurant business is promising?

Have a Turnover Every Day

Who usually gets a salary once a month, now can get a salary every day by opening his restaurant business, although everyday spending also follows, all of these funds can be summarized so that they can have a stable income because of their own restaurant business.

Some of the reasons above can be thought of you to make an effort. This is what makes the restaurant business inedible. No need to rush, make sure your intentions are already in line with your efforts.

While thinking about that, let’s look at the development of the restaurant business today. Apparently there are many restaurants and other eating places that have varied concepts, from traditional to international menus.

Are there no more opportunities to open up restaurant business opportunities? Of course, there are still many, just how you manage to issue a restaurant concept that is different from other places to eat.

Some Examples of Unique Restaurant Business Concepts

Are you ready to open your own restaurant business? Look first at some unique restaurant concept ideas.

House of Hobbit Grill and Bar

Are you a fan of the film Lord of the Rings? Don’t forget to visit this place because the atmosphere is like being in a fantasy film world that has three series.

Reporting from, the restaurant that has a film concept designed by J. R. R. Tolklen provides a variety of small human-style food menus or Hobbits.

Hospitalist Restaurant & Bar

If you have never been to a hospital, be thankful but don’t go too far to go to this Hospitalist Restaurant & Bar. You will feel the atmosphere like a sick person who is served by a uniformed waiter like a nurse reported by

With this unique restaurant concept, you can get many customers, especially young people who always want to go to a prestigious place.

Tale Kunstkring Paleis

Located in the area of ​​Central Jakarta, a vintage concept restaurant called Tugu Kunstkring Paleis provides menus of Javanese specialties, as reported by

This restaurant was built like a building during the Dutch colonial era. With the concept of luxury, you will feel in a luxury restaurant with traditional Indonesian-style dishes.

Strawberry Café

It turns out that fruit can become a restaurant concept like this Strawberry Café. This strawberry-themed restaurant is perfect for families because it has fun games according to The menu also varies from fried chicken to their signature drink, a strawberry volcano. Interesting right?

Hopefully, some of the references above can generate ideas for your restaurant business. No need to be strange, which certainly can offer comfort, and affordability can attract customers to come back again.

Tips to make a Unique Restaurant Business for Beginners

Are you ready to create your own restaurant business? Here are some tips that you need to consider in creating a unique restaurant business for novice entrepreneurs.

Creating a Restaurant Concept that Makes Customers Comfortable

A comfortable place will certainly get customers who will be loyal to you. How to do it? You must know what the customer’s will is. No need to think too hard Usually a comfortable place, good service, interesting food can be a special attraction to get loyal customers.

Examples such as Padang restaurant with traditional food concept. They serve the food quickly because it was prepared before the restaurant opened.

Even though the place is as simple as a place to eat, but the fast service and also the affordable price makes customers always look for this authentic West Sumatra dish.

Have a Reliable and Quality Restaurant Supplier Contact

Raw materials, including important things in the culinary business, especially this restaurant. You need a quality supplier or supplier. Why is that?

Because of the quality of your food, especially food in restaurants, it is determined from the raw materials first. After that, the process of processing until the presentation. You certainly don’t want to serve rotten vegetables to your customers right?

Choose a Strategic Business Location

A location, especially a business location, is very important to note. Because business location determines your target market. Therefore, you need to know your target market first.

For example, if your target market is a housewife, you can master sales near housing. Or if your target market is someone who works, you can try a business located near the office.

Make sure your business location is in accordance with your target market.

Manage Restaurant Business Licenses

A restaurant that has developed is very important to immediately take care of business licensing restaurants to the government. Like halal certification.

Although it is still not required, in 2019 each business owner is required to have a halal certificate according to Don’t let your restaurant be inspected and don’t yet have any official permission from the government.

Use Attractive Restaurant Business Promotion

Business promotion can be anything. You can use two types of promotions that are often used by restaurant entrepreneurs namely directly or indirectly.

One example of direct promotion is by spreading flyers to the target market. Usually, this promotion is accompanied by a discount or something that attracts the attention of customers to come to your place.

Other promotions are indirect promotions. Although this sounds easy, this type of promotion must be planned in detail in advance. One example of indirect promotion is through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so forth.

If you want to attract the attention of netizens, you can market your product with attractive ad designs. Make sure it becomes number one for indirect promotion.

Of course, this restaurant business opportunity can not profit directly when first opened. You need to be patient and also need to prioritize your market with the latest promotions.

It’s okay if you get a little profit now, your turnover will also increase if your business remains stable going forward.

Author: Amreza Bagas
An Extraordinary businessman who loves to share business experience in some words.