About An Economy That Works

An Economy That Works is an alliance of businesses and civil society organisations. Its aim is to help make the UK economy work for everyone, both now and in the long term. It offers a positive vision for the future of Britain as well as practical ideas to turn this vision into reality.

An economy that works is productive and environmentally sustainable and fair.

But in the UK productivity is 17% below the rest of the G7 average, GDP per tonne of CO2 is only close to the European average, and inequality is the highest amongst European OECD members.

Business will not be successful in an economy that doesn’t work. Low productivity undermines competitiveness now, carbon intensity may undermine it in the future, and inequality and associated social tensions create instability, making Britain a potentially unattractive, risky place to do business.

An Economy  that Works is part of the Centre for Understanding Sustainable Prosperity and is managed by the World Future Council.

If you like what you read, and would like to join the Economy That Works coalition, please get in touch.


Excerpt from launch of An Economy That Works (9th December 2014), supported by the Aldersgate Group, with a keynote address by Sir Richard Lambert and contributions from Anne Richards, Nigel Stansfield, Richard Gillies, Mike Barry, Niall Dunne, Peter Young and Oliver Dudok van Heel.

Visit our media page to view extended coverage of the event, including Sir Richard Lambert’s speech in full.


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