Our Goals

An Economy That Works is an alliance of businesses and civil society organisations. Its ultimate aim is to help the UK succeed, both now and in the long term.

A successful economy must be productive, environmentally efficient and fair.

What makes this initiative unique is its systemic approach. Addressing employment issues while ignoring wellbeing problems, or reducing our carbon footprint while not providing opportunities for everyone to share economic benefits will only compound the challenges we face. We need comprehensive solutions. By tackling economic, social and environmental challenges in a holistic way, An Economy That Works offers a positive vision for the future of Britain as well as practical ideas to turn this vision into reality.

Interview with Sir Ian Cheshire

Then CEO of Kingfisher describes his support for An Economy That Works.
December 2014


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Joining An Economy That Works

If you like what you read, and would like to join the Economy That Works alliance, please get in touch.

Joining us means you will:

  • Be part of an alliance dedicated to creating long-term sustainable growth that is in our collective interests
  • Ensure that your specific priorities and interests are taken into account
  • Underpin your own objectives with a systemic overview of the economy, helping to join the dots
  • Collaborate with organisations from across the economy to address shared challenges
  • Be more influential as a collective that has greater reach than the sum of its parts
  • Engage in thought leadership with your peers interested in creating a long-term, prosperous and resilient future for the UK

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